A HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors/donors, big and small!! This program would not be possible without the gracious support from several organizations, businesses and the individuals.  This support comes in many different ways by volunteers, food, water, camp programs, and financial donations just to name a few.  In years past, we have never turned youth away because of the inability of them to pay and wish to continue this policy.  This has been made possible by this support.  We are always in need of support.  The Indiana Trooper Youth Services, Inc is a non-for-profit 503(c)(3) recognized organization.  All staff for the camps are volunteers and each camp director works diligently to find donated programs and activities for the youth.  We do this to assist and ensure all money donated can be used to directly assist the youth attending the program.  Prices of the camps have remained remarkably low to ensure youth are able to attend the camps.

We appreciate all the support we have received.  If you have an interest in supporting to this cause please contact us by phone, email, mail or you can make a donation.  We except many forms of donations in place of cash donations.  The camps need water and other beverages, meals provided, programs sponsored and many other expense related items.  If you wish to donate but do not feel comfortable giving  a cash donation.  Please call (1-800-671-9851) or email us with your interest ( to find out how you can help!

Please be aware we DO NOT solicit funds by phone.  We also do not hire or request any other organizations to solicit funds on our behalf.   


Here are a few of our proud sponsors and supporters:

           Optimists  lionlogo_2c  Kiwanis  Dekko   Silly Safaris